Wellness Starts with Your Wardrobe: The Benefits of Non-Toxic Laundry Care

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The Benefits of non-toxic laundry care that puts 'you' in focus

Picture this; a jigsaw puzzle that represents your own personal wellness journey which is made up of many pieces, each one reflecting every choice you make—from the food you eat to the clothes you wear. One of those pieces involves the often overlooked everyday task we all do regularly: laundry. 

Here's the thing; the choice of what laundry care you use can actually be a game-changer to your health. That’s why Bon Savvy is on a mission to rethink laundry and why it's time to elevate this often considered  'mundane chore' into an extension of self-care. 

The Hidden Risks in Traditional Laundry Detergents - Read Those Labels Folks!

It's easy to ignore what we can't see.

Many traditional laundry detergents are laden with harsh chemicals and toxins that can cause long term health issues, skin issues and respiratory problems. Think about the clothes you wear, the sheets you sleep on, and the towels you dry yourself with. Like, every, single, day and night. These chemicals linger on the fabric which come into constant contact with your skin and the skin of your loved ones.

It's a horrible thought, that the very thing we are using to keep ourselves clean and comfortable could be impacting our health or that of our family. But it doesn’t have to be that way if you choose plant-based, natural, but highly effective solutions that will protect your health, your loved ones and of course, benefit the planet! 

It’s Not Just Laundry, It’s Self-Care

Laundry is such an unlikely place to start talking about ‘self-care’ but when your health is negatively affected and eczema is constantly triggered by standard laundry detergents, like the daughter of Bon Savvy’s founder Michelle, getting the right product does become ‘self-care’. Of course, being able to buy best-in-class curated solutions for specific fabric needs (like our range) is wonderful but honestly, skin wellness and healthy living is frankly just as important, and it's time we all starting thinking of it that way!

Here are a few examples you may not have thought of how well-being and laundry actually do go hand-in-hand! 

  • Silk Pillowcases - there's plenty of hype around purchasing a Silk pillowcase; including the benefits for your skin, hair, allergies and more, however because these amazing properties come from the protein fibres in silk they are often ruined by washing them with a regular detergent. In essence, the fabric loses it’s ‘slippage’ which means no to worse health benefits from the silk. Choosing a purpose made fabric care for your silk, like our Silk Savvy wash means the quality of your silk is preserved, makes them smell amazing but with a naturally derived (non-triggering) Soie scent and avoids harsh chemicals being in constant contact with your facial skin causing skin breakouts or rash.
  • Baby Clothes - It goes without saying that we all want the absolute best for our little cherubs. Nothing is more important than ensuring our little ones well-being and comfort. It's so scary how many products on the market have hidden chemicals often 'buried' in the small print on labels. Did you know that 1 in 3 of all babies now born in Australia suffer from some form of skin issues and eczema? Babies have more fragile sensitive skin than adults, as skin is still developing in the early stages of life, it's less resistant to bacteria and irritants. It's critical to be highly selective about the product used to wash their clothes and bedding as they spend such extended time with fabric in contact with their skin. Natural and plant-based is always a better choice, but you still have to choose wisely. For example, choosing something that's 'unscented' might seem like a better option - not necessarily. Everything has a scent, so in order to make something 'unscented', chemicals have been used to mask the scent. These masking chemicals can actually be triggering to the skin! Also consider the presence of preservatives and dyes in some natural liquids. We created Pure Bébé to provide confidence and comfort in washing babies clothes and bedding. It's not only highly effective, natural, and plant-based, but it's infused with Aloe and Chamomile to help sooth and calm, plus it has the most incredible ultimate 'baby' scent called Cherish, which is natural & cosmetic grade to be gentle on skin. 
  • Linen and natural fibres - are fabulous for breathability, skin and of course biodegradable (so better for the planet). It’s also great for people with sensitive skin or dealing with menopause etc. But again, wash it with the wrong thing and these benefits just cease to exist. Harsh chemicals will kill those natural fibres and shorten the lifespan of your beautiful items. We made Linen Savvy specifically to look after the needs of those wonderful natural fibres using plant-based ingredients devoid of optical brighteners, dyes or synthetic fragrances and includes some unique natural softening attributes to preserve natural fabrics such as linen, cotton, bamboo, tencel and hemp. It's specifically gentle on the fabric and leaves a fresh Charmant scent which smells beautiful while being kind and non triggering to your skin. 
  • Swimsuits and BikinisOk folks, this is a big one; Yes, washing your swimwear is important for your health! There are so many reasons but here are just a couple (we could go on :)). You probably know, but most STIs spread through direct contact, but some STIs spread through fomites. Fomites are objects (such as swimsuits) that become infected with a contaminate and have the ability to spread the infection to a new host. When you buy swimwear: Bring it home and wash it, properly first. Preferably with something antibacterial (like Swim Savvy). Days in the sun, surf and sand are fabulous, but after a day of sweating, getting wet, being in the sand etc your swim and surf wear needs a proper clean to remove the sweat build up, bacteria and body oils that often get trapped in the tightly woven fabric that swimwear is normally made from. A quick rinse of your swimwear will help but it's not enough to fully clean them. You wouldn't go a full day in the hot sun in your undies and just rinse them in water - your swimwear is no different! And ladies, we want to remove any bacteria so it doesn't cause some other very uncomfortable side effectives (i.e. down there!). Swim Savvy is our answer to keeping your swimmers clean, fresh, bright, lasting longer and free from any potential negative health effects. Not only does it deeply clean and wash, protecting your items, BUT it's infused with 5 natural antimicrobials that have incredible antibacterial properties to support your well-being. It's also infused with our completely natural Malibu Mojito scent which smells like you're on holidays. Swim Savvy is an all-year-round laundry staple.
  • Wool Jumpers and Wool Blankets - Wool is incredible, made from protein fibres with almost magical properties. Its benefit for warmth, temperature regulation and sustainability are legendary. But many shy away from buying wool jumpers or blankets for fear of the potential it might be itchy or scratchy on their skin. Washing your wool with the right product can reduce or completely neutralise these potential side effects and stop that discomfort. Firstly, choosing a specific wool wash matters as they are made to specifically care for those gorgeous protein fibres. (Why a wool wash is different to a standard detergent: click here) Choosing the right wool wash not only will extend the life of your favourite woolies, it will reduce that yucky, prickly, itchy wool feel you might be worried about. We created Wool Savvy for all your wool and cashmere care needs. It's made specifically to nurture, preserve and carefully cleanse wool but also, it's infused with natural softening attributes that reduce and often neutralise that irritation on the skin. It also smells incredible, infused with our Cedar & Thyme scent with the cedar element helping to prevent moths from creating those unsightly holes. 

A Sustainable Choice: Good for You and the Earth

By choosing natural and plant based laundry liquids like Bon Savvy, you're not just making a better choice for your health; you're also helping the planet. Tailored laundry care especially designed to suit the needs of specific fabrics makes a huge difference in extending the life of your favourite clothes which helps your back pocket and contributes to reducing landfill. Mindfully selecting your laundry products like, our range that uses bio-degradable formulas and sustainable packaging practices means caring for your clothes, and doesn't have to ‘cost’ the earth!

Let’s face it, taking care of yourself also means bringing into focus even little everyday, seemingly mundane things; like how you do your laundry. At Bon Savvy we truly believe health and 'green' living should exist together. It's about making choices that feel good and do good, as much as we can. Starting with the detergent you buy.

Ready to transform your laundry routine into a wellness practice? Explore Bon Savvy's range of non-toxic laundry care and take the first step towards a healthier, more conscious lifestyle today.

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