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Our gorgeous fragrances are deliberately 'multi-talented'. Use as fine perfume / induglent body spray, combine with one of our matching luxury fabric care liquids to layer fragrance or use to decadently scent your room & home. Because our fragances are naturally derived & cosmetic grade they are ideal for sensitive skin. Each one is unique in it's aroma, functionality & aesthetic appearance - some are clear, have 'scent diamonds', amber bubbles or sometimes even haze swirls. (However these 'irregularities' are part of our plant-based products). Proudly Ausssie-made, clean, vegan and cruelty free for pure pleasure.


Sandalwood - rose - fresh - vanilla - caramel - pepper

Smooth, warming yet fresh, a luscious combination of 40 different roses, sandalwood and vanilla layered with hints of caramel, pepper, gentle spices and fresh berries.

'Charmant" (pronounced 'Shar-moh') translates to 'charming' in french and is the embodiment of luxury designed to transform your world. It's rich yet beautifully subtle scent will speak directly to your heart and turn heads. Crave it on your skin and everywhere you are.

* Unisex - Naturally derived fragrance.

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Citrus- Fresh - Cinnamon - Woody - Rose Petals - Sultry

The name 'Soie' (pronounced 'Shwah') translates to 'silk' and is created with the perfect blend of vibrant freshness and deeper notes of vanilla and cedarwood deliberately designed to be evocative of laid back luxury yet still sultry and alluring.

Iridescent with upfront summer-style fresh citrus notes deepen into a luscious array of woody, earthy, pepper, ginger, and cinnamon beautifully rounded out by notes of dirty vanilla and rose petals



Light Florals - Fresh - Sophisticated - Calming

A complex, gorgeously nurturing & uplifting blend that subtly layers light florals, soft powdery notes & woody undertones. Upfront freshness with hints of Peach, Ylang Ylang, Citrus & Bergamot glide into accents of Lily of the Valley, Chamomile, Jasmine and hints of Rose, finally resting among whispers of Sandalwood, Patchouli, Amber and Vanilla.

A unique proactive mist infused with the essence of Chamomile & Aloe for their deeply benefical power to calm and soothe. The scent is gorgeously nurturing, fresh, uplifting and reassuring.

The aroma is a complex mix of hints of Citrus, Peach, Ylang Ylang & Bergamot that glide into accents of Lily Of The Valley, Jasmine and Rose, resting among whispers of Sandalwood, Patchouli, Amber and Vanilla.

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Cedar & Thyme

Fresh - Woody Earthy - Light Florals - White Tea - Spice.

Awaken your senses and those that you're near with this scent of wanderlust. A many-layered aroma evocative of lush green forests, meanders in the medina, and crackling fires by a moonlit ocean. Bold, exotic, yet still soft & light. Characterised by upfront notes of light bright herby Thyme and Coriander dance alongside fresh hints of Cucumber and Citrus with a wink of Saffron spice. Mid notes of white Tea leaves, Jasmine, Rose
petals, and Violet interplay with complex layers of warmth via notes of Cedarwood, Amber, and a subtle suggestion of Vanilla. Infused with active Cedarwood essence for its protective properties.

*Natural & Cosmetic grade fragrance - white haze and scent 'sediment' maybe visible.

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Malibu Mojito

Summer - Beach - Fresh - Citrus - Fun - Bright

The mini parasol sits in the chilled glass of candy coloured cocktail, your toes dig delicously into the sun warmed sand, the sound of waves intermingle with soft cruisy beats. Malibu Mojito smells exactly like the best summer holiday you've ever had ! Fresh zesty citrus blended with irridescent notes of cucumber, mint, spearmint, lime, orange, coconut and lemon thyme.

*Infused with 5 active antimicrobials derived. Scent is 100% natural.

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Number 4

Solar - Amber - Floral - Vanilla - Spice - Sensual - Magnetic

Sultry, deliberately compelling, undeniably
sensual. The scent begins with top notes of fresh citrus, that smooth into whispers of Lotus Flower, Jasmine, Camelia, Tuberose, with hints of cream and a sprinkle of spice. Artfully underpinned by characteristics of Chocolate, Vanilla, Tonka Bean and Amber, this is a supremely luxurious and alluring scent designed to entice.

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