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Silk is renowned as a gorgeous fabric with a luxurious feel and timeless beauty. However, keeping your silk items soft and shiny requires special care.

The real issue is when you use regular detergents it can spell disaster for your silk, leaving it stiff and lacking its signature luster that you love it for. Whether you own silk garments, accessories, bedding or a silk pillowcase, it's essential to know why choosing the right product will enhance and more importantly preserve your cherished silk. In this guide we'll explore what you should look for in a silk detergent and why Silk Savvy stands out as the best silk detergent in Australia.

The Challenge with Ordinary Detergents: Why opt for a silk-specific laundry detergent? Silk is a natural fabric composed of protein fibers, which are responsible for the incredible qualities which we adore about silk. These unique fibers require attention and care. Ordinary detergents generally contain harsh chemicals that weaken protein fibres and strip silk of its cherished softness and natural sheen. As a result, you'll find your silk items become dull, less vibrant and the texture of the fabric noticably changes from that soft slippery feeling to a more crunchy feeling that becomes almost rough against your skin. When silk deteriorates quickly, it's likely the fault of the laundry liquid you're using so it pays to understand what's the best choice to take care of it.

What you should look for in a silk care product and why Silk Savvy excels as the best silk detergent:

  1. Tailored Care for Silk and Delicates: many of the standard detergents available contain fiber-ruining synthetic brighteners, softeners, or hidden chemicals and these weaken protein fibres. When you're looking for a silk care product read the label and avoid purchasing the product if you see any mention of ingredient elements like optical brighteners, bleach, dye, preservatives, protese or fragrance (fragrance that does not stipulate it is a naturally derived fragrance). That's where Silk Savvy comes in, it's meticulously crafted to care for the needs of silk and delicate fabrics. Avoiding any of the harmful chemicals that destroy silk, it uses only a specific blend of plant-derived ingredients to carefully clean, while preserving and enhancing the natural magic of the silk fabric. 

  2. Natural and Organic Ingredients: When searching for the best silk detergent it's a good rule to remember that natural is always better with natural. Meaning all natural fabrics generally are far better when washed and cared for using natural products. As Silk is a natural fibre you really should only ever seek out a plant-based natural laundry liquid to care for it. Silk Savvy is made in Australia and contains only quality natural and organic ingredients, to ensure it's a pH-neutral and biodegradable solution that's gentle on your silk garments as well as your well-being and the savvy best silk detergent in australia

  3. Enhanced Anti-Static and Softening Benefits: You're probably familiar with the way in which silk fabric can occasionally develop a static buildup. It's particularly evident in silk skirts or dresses and become a little irritating when the fabric clings to your legs. But did you know that certain standard detergents can actually exacerbate this issue? In contrast, Silk Savvy has been developed with natural ingredients that result in advanced anti-static properties and softening benefits, ensuring that the delicate soft texture of your silk remains intact and is free from the frustrations of static buildup.

  4. Sensitive Skin-Friendly: Silk fabric is renowned for its softness against the skin, making it not only comfortable to wear but also highly suitable for items like silk pillowcases, where the delicate skin of your face is in constant contact with the fabric. People with sensitive skin or suffer with more servere skin issues like eczema, often turn to natural fabrics (like silk) as they are more gentle on their skin. However, using the wrong detergent can not only infuse unwelcome skin irritating chemicals into the fabric but also rob the silk of its luxurious feel, causing it to lose its smoothness and softness which is not nice on irriated skin. A little known fact is that chemicals and synthetic fragrances concealed in standard laundry detergents are a hidden trigger for undiagnosed skin flare ups or rashes. But as Silk Savvy was designed by Bon Savvy's founder Michelle who has a daughter that suffers with eczema, it was created from the get-go to be incredible for caring for silk but also beautifully gentle on skin. Its plant-based ingredients makes it ideal for individuals with sensitive skin concerns which is especially relevant when washing silk items like a silk pillowcase that will have prolonged skin contact with the fabric and you require comfort and confidence in skin health.

  5. Cost-Effective Concentration and low foaming: Efficiency matters when it comes to caring for silk. When you're selecting a silk detergent, it's crucial to scrutinise the label for information on recommended liquid-to-water ratios and be mindful of the detergent's foaming tendencies. Something that's often not known is excessive foam or soap suds often indicates the use of more chemicals, which can be detrimental to delicate silk fibers. Many conventional laundry detergents necessitate the use of larger quantities of detergent which is counterproductive for fine silk fibers. Moreover, their high-sudsing nature means more chemicals that can adversely affect silk. In contrast, Silk Savvy takes a different approach. It's intentionally low foaming to minimise residue build-up in the protein fibers and is a highly concentrated plant-derived liquid. You'll find that only a small amount is needed per wash (often just one capful) to achieve premium, practical care that's both economical and gentle on your silk.

  6. Fragrance vs Naturally Derived Fragrance: When selecting a silk detergent, it's crucial to pay attention to the wording on the bottle, particularly regarding the term "fragrance." There's a significant distinction here. The term 'fragrance' typically signifies that the scent in the laundry detergent is synthetic and may contain harmful chemicals that could affect silk fibers and be a potential irritant for sensitive skin. The sad truth is that even if a laundry liquid claims to be 100 % natural or plant-based, if the fragrance is not labeled as "naturally derived fragrance," it's likely synthetic. This can lead to lackluster silk and may trigger skin issues or excerbate eczema. In contrast, Silk Savvy is subtly infused with our innovative and naturally derived 'Soie' scent ('Soie' meaning 'Silk' in French). This not only adds a touch of luxury but also brings a refreshing elegant aroma and quintessential 'clean' smell to your laundry routine, without the risk of compromising the silk's quality or causing skin sensitivities.

  7. Trusted and Loved: Let's face it, when you're on the hunt for the perfect silk detergent, what you're really after is peace of mind you're able to tackle your silk laundry at home. Nobody wants to deal with the hassle and expense of dry cleaning, not to mention the worry about potential damage from harsh chemicals or heat treatments. The real goal is finding a silk detergent that makes you feel like a laundry pro in your own space. That's where Silk Savvy comes into it's own. It's become the natural choice for those that want the confidence to care for their silk and delicate items at home without the fear of mishaps. In fact Silk Savvy has been voted the best silk detergent in Australia.

  8. The Mindful Choice: Crafted in Australia - When choosing the best silk detergent, it's not just about caring for your silk and skin; it's also about the environment. Opting for a non-chemical, natural, plant-based laundry liquid is a great start, but why not go further? Look for one that's biodegradable, greywater safe, vegan, cruelty-free, and produced with sustainability in mind. Consider the packaging, concentration, and whether it supports local manufacturing. Silk Savvy, by Bon Savvy, ticks all these boxes. It's 100% Australian-made, Australian-owned, biodegradable, and uses recycled and recyclable packaging. Plus, it's concentrated, meaning you use less, making it eco-friendly and ideal for sensitive skin. 

So when you're searching for the right product to keep your silk items soft, beautiful, and hassle-free it's all about find that ideal laundry sidekick. Whilst there's quite a few essential elements you need in your perfect Silk detergent, Silk Savvy is the easy and safest choice. Voted as the best silk detergent in Australia it transforms caring for silk into a simple and pleasurable experience. With its customised care, natural goodness, and advanced capabilities, Silk Savvy will help boost your confidence in successfully washing and preserving your favourite silk items so you can continue to enjoy them for years to come, ensuring they remain as fabulous as ever.


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