Why A Wool Wash Vs Regular Detergent?

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What is a wool wash. Why Wool Wash detergents are not the same as regular laundry detergents.


The Woolly Wonder:
To many, wool is just another fabric. But to those in the know, it's a truely incredible, timeless natural fibre that's been a staple in many of our wardrobes for generations. And for good reason. It's versatile, resilient, sublimely comfortable and of course, looks totally fabulous! Unlike many other fibres, wool is made from complex protein fibres. It's outer layer is actually a result of overlapping 'cuticle cells' known as 'scales' which work together to provide dirt-resistance while internally it can absorb almost 30% of its weight in moisture without feeling wet plus making it breathable and perfect for both cold and warm climates!

A Sustainable Choice 

Wool is a eco champion. It's amazingly biodegradable and because it's a natural fibre there's none of those horrible microplastics effecting the environment unlike the negative impacts of synthetic fibers. 

Demystifying Wool Wash:
Understanding wool is one thing, but what's equally important is knowing how to care for it properly, which is why choosing a Wool Wash matters, as they are different to regular detergents.

Wool washes are laundry liquid detergents which are specifically crafted to cater to the unique needs of woolen, cashmere and knitted garments. Unlike conventional detergents, wool washes have been made crafted to be gentle, they should be pH-balanced and should always be free from harsh chemicals that can deteriorate wool's delicate protein fibers.  In essence they should specifically be crafted with protein fibres in mind. Natural is always better with natural, ideally a quality wool wash should be made from specifically curated but purely natural plant-based ingredients.

Why Opt For A Wool Wash?

  1. Preservation: Wool's protein-based fibers can be weakened and permanently damaged by synthetic brighteners, synthetic softeners & fragrances and many of the chemicals found in standard detergents. A wool-specific wash is made especially to ensure these fibers remain intact, retaining the garment's natural abilities for warmth, breathability, softness and structure.
  2. Protection: While wool naturally repels dirt, it can absorb oils and odors. A quality wool wash will delicately cleanse these impurities without stripping the wool's inherent oils. Also superior wool washes will incorporate natural protection elements such as cedar to repel moths and protect against unsightly holes.
  3. Performance: As quality wool garments are investments, using a dedicated wool wash should work to prolong their lifespan, helping them remain pristine and ensure they maintain their comfortable feel.

Spotlight on Wool Savvy:
Is was after Michelle the founder of Bon Savvy, ruined yet another favourite wool jumper that she delved deeper into what wool needed for proper care. Becoming dissatisfied with the wool care solutions available Michelle, developed her own. Wool Savvy is designed to provide wool care confidence. Deodorising, protecting and preserving quality Wool, Cashmere and knits Wool Savvy has the added benefit of an enhanced luxe feel and well-being focused ingredients. What sets Wool Savvy, apart is;

  • Tailored Care: Steering clear of optical brighteners, protease, and synthetic additives, Wool Savvy is a natural formula designed exclusively for all kinds of wool, cashmere and knits, Wool Savvy addresses their distinct cleaning requirements so that garments remain as fabulous as when they were first purchased.
  • Preserve & Protection Guard It's infused with a naturally derived & cosmetic grade subtle fresh Cedar and Thyme scent which means it not only freshen's and removes odours but it naturally repels moths, a common culprit behind those unwelcome holes in our favorite woollens.
  • Natural Softening: Wool Savvy's curated plant-based ingredients include natural softeners, ensuring your woolens remain soft to the touch, aimed at removing any kind of itchy feel.
  • Eco-Conscious: Vegan, cruelty-free, and 100 % biodegradable, Wool Savvy is equally as committed to sustainability to equal that of the impressive eco friendly nature of the wool farbic it has been made to care for. 
  • Sensitive Skin-Friendly: Crafted with well-being in mind, Wool Savvy is designed to suit those with sensitive skin for a gentle yet effective cleanse without irritations.
  • Authentically Australian: Made in Australia, Wool Savvy is tailored for the wool industry, recognizing wool as a remarkable fibre that warrants mindfully created care.

Wool, with its incredible versatility, style, comfort, longevity and eco-friendly properties, deserves nothing but the best. Choosing a wool specific wash will help to ensure that your cherished items remain a loved part of your wardrobe for years to come. 

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