Elevated everyday living essentials and self-care range, delivering a more refined, luxurious offering of laundry products and unique natural fine fragrance mists for you, your home and the things you love. Designed for those who value quality, self-care, focused functionality and sustainability, we aim to liberate the mundane, encourage living passionately while making a positive daily impact both at a personal and environmentally conscious level. Our brand is synonymous with elegance, artisanal details, expert craftmanship, well-being, care and enhanced living inspired by nature.


Bon Savvy believes that laundry care is an extension of selfcare, so we aspired to completely reimagine laundry and take it to a level that challenges preconceptions. All our minutes count in every day, so why not take an everyday chore and make it a luxurious experience through sophisticated laundry wash products and irresistible scented natural mists. Taking inspiration from a time when superior craftmanship was revered, and the little details mattered, all our products are thoughtfully created and designed for a heightened sensory experience, are aesthetically beautiful and artfully fragrant. Our subtly refined signature scents contain naturally derived, sophisticated fine fragrances which lightly envelop clothing, lingerie and bedding so that the entire wash to wear process is an indulgent experience to enjoy with confidence.

Proudly made in Australia and using only the finest, ethically sourced ingredients our products are highly effective and expertly crafted with no synthetics, parabens, phthalates or toxic chemicals so they are not only beautiful but importantly they are kind to your skin and your health. They’re also biodegradable, vegan, cruelty free and do not undergo any animal testing. By consciously caring for ourselves, our precious fabrics and belongings both in and around the home, we eliminate potentially harmful chemicals from affecting our health and well- being and avoid the unnecessary cycle and costly expense of continually replacing damaged clothing and exorbitant dry-cleaning costs, as well as crucially reducing the carbon footprint.


Australian based founder Michelle has always been keenly interested in design and slow fashion, and has always appreciated craftsmanship, bespoke home linens and interior design as well as global fashion trends, especially sustainable fashions and quality pieces made with natural fabrics.

So when Michelle needed to find a new pillowcase to alleviate her eldest daughter’s severe asthma and dust mite allergies, she knew that natural fibre materials were going to be the best option and after a little research decided that a silk pillowcase with its outstanding protein fibre properties would be the natural solution.

There was just one problem, how to care for the silk pillowcase to preserve its superior quality and ensure it would last for many years to come? Michelle quickly learnt that there wasn’t much on the market that was purposefully created for silks delicate needs with many of the washes containing artificial fabric softeners, synthetic optical brighteners and harsh synthetic fragrances.

In fact, there really wasn’t much available at all for many of the natural and delicate fabrics such as silk, wool, flax linen, organic cotton, hemp and bamboo. Only the standard, one size fits all laundry care products which aside from their lack of focused functionality, were also visually bland and the scents left much to be desired. Michelle also felt quite concerned the ingredients often utilised in standard laundry liquids carried the risk of being harmful to the skin, personal health and the environment.

Michelle found it quite odd that after investing in expensive sustainable clothing, luxury bedding or elegant lingerie we then washed it with a generic product that would most likely irreversibly damage the unique and delicate fibre properties found in these natural materials, completely ruining the quality and lifespan the specialty fabrics were designed to have.

This led Michelle to embark on a journey of exploring the many standard detergents available, even those claiming to be “all natural” and with this knowledge Michelle filled the gap and painstakingly created the bespoke Bon Savvy range, perfectly designed to lovingly clean and care for these refined fabrics and preserve them so they could be enjoyed for years to come. This also followed Michelle’s belief in the slow fashion movement and to play her part in supporting mindful buying behaviour and encouraging the choice of quality over quantity in fashion and home linens by providing access to bespoke care, expertly made in Australia.

The Le Savvy Mists are a further extension to this, with the exquisite fine fragrances created to be conveniently used on fabrics, bedding, around the home and even as a personal fragrance. The range is stylishly encapsulated with a sense of old Hollywood glamour, evocative of a time of quintessential elegance and grace but ingeniously made without any toxins, parabens and absolutely no testing on animals.

We can’t wait for you to experience Bon Savvy and enjoy a little touch of magic in your day and add some love into your own special sanctuary.