Our Sustainability & Environmental Practices

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In everything we do, we do so with a mindful and holistic mindset to support the health & wellbeing of you and the planet. We believe it’s possible for premium functionality, designer aesthetics and healthy living to co-exist with a commitment to sustainability and environmental protection for a better future.

Our Sustainable Packaging Practices

From our product packaging to how we pack our customer orders, through to the shipping services we use, we’re committed to sustainable practices and minimising our carbon foot print. All our product packaging is made from recycled or recyclable material including either PCR (Post-Consumer Recycled plastic), glass, aluminium, recycled cardboard or recyclable PET.  Even our marketing material such as our ‘Thank You’ Cards and ‘Instruction Cards’ are made from recycled post-consumer waste paper and are printed by environmentally conscious printers. We always encourage you to recycle your packaging including the bottle’s, caps, shipping wrapping, sustainable cardboard boxes and wood wool shredding used in our shipping.

Why We Chose Our Packaging

We’re often asked whether we will consider moving towards using pouches as refills (as this has become a popular concept) however our research indicates it can lead to an increased carbon footprint and as the pouches often contain non recyclable elements it directs more waste to landfill. We instead opt to close the loop by choosing recycled or recyclable material that is suited to laundry spaces & surfaces combined with a strategic approach to creating highly concentrated formulas that require smaller bottles. For example our 100ml mini's are manufactured in Australia from recycled ocean plastic & post consumer waste. And our 500 laundry liquid bottle is equivalent to 1.5 -2 litres of many standard laundry detergents. As our laundry liquids are super concentrated it means you use significantly less, reduces the refill requirement and helps prevent needless surplus packaging thus avoiding further waste pollution.

Supporting Natural & Sustainable Fabric

We’ve specifically created laundry liquids to properly care for and extend the life of sustainable and natural fibre fabrics. Our especially curated plant-based, natural and organic ingredients are formulated to protect sustainable fabrics including Linen, Organic Cotton, Tencel, Bamboo, Silk, Wool and more. It’s our belief the more we raise awareness of the benefits to health, comfort, the environment and the economies of disadvantaged communities by choosing more sustainably and ethically produced fabrics/natural fabrics over synthetic fabrics, the better our future will be. We love playing a part in helping to encourage this shift to slow fashion & mindful purchasing (*) that focuses consumer buying behaviour toward quality over quantity and further reducing landfill waste.

Natural Ingredients

Bon Savvy products are 100% Australian made using natural & organic plant-based, vegan, cruelty free, pH neutral and biodegradable ingredients are a better, safer option for your clothing, health and well-being and the best option for the planet. Our concentrated plant powered ingredients are devoid of nasty chemicals or toxins and their biodegradable nature reduces the impact to our waterways, oceans and marine life. 

We have partnered with one of Australia’s oldest family-owned manufacturers of natural plant-based products to mindfully create the best, most effective and beautiful premium quality natural products available. Wherever possible we also use Australian Native plants and plant derived ingredients to help support the Australian economy, local communities and businesses. 

Naturally Derived Fragrance

Our laundry liquids and our Mists are beautifully infused with our original fragrance blends that use naturally derived plant based ingredients.  They are derived from a number of organic processes and contain no synthetic amplifiers or chemical enhancers. We never use synthetic fragrance. The built-in softener in our laundry liquids is a result of ingeniously blended natural ingredients and are not the same as the chemical laden, environmentally damaging softeners found in standard laundry detergents. Please visit here for more.

Living Clean & Green

We support and encourage cleaner more sustainable living practices in everyday living. For example our Laundry Liquids maybe suited to both hand washing and machine washing but we actively promote mindful practices such as choosing to hand wash over machine washing or line drying wherever possible over using a dryer. Not only do these methodologies extend the life of your clothing or household linens (and reduce waste) you don’t use as much water, reduce your carbon footprint and energy consumption. However if you do have to hand wash we encourage the use of a delicates wash bag to prevent fibre pollution and extend the life of your items.

Wash Bag Vs Fibre Pollution

If you do have to machine wash, especially more delicate items we encourage this to be done mindfully by placing items into our Bon Savvy specifically designed delicates bag so you protect your valuable pieces during the washing cycle as well as help to protect the environment. All fabrics release fibres into the washing water during machine washing which in turn ends up in our  waterways and ultimately polluting our oceans.  By using our delicates washing bag with its fine weave, we are able to trap these fibres before they wash into the water and capture them in the bag as well as extend the life of your items and reduce further landfill.

Slow Fashion & Mindful Purchasing

What is slow fashion? Slow fashion is the considered approach to purchasing clothing, taking into account the processes and resources required to make these items - buying better quality garments that last longer and have been produced in an ethical manner. It's our belief that by producing care products that support consciously created fashion, artisan makers and innovative sustainable fashion brands we’re not only playing our part in a move towards mindful consumer behaviour but we're supporting small businesses and farming communities around the world trying hard to extract themselves from the negative impacts fast fashion is largely responsible for. 

Increasing Awareness On Environmental Issues

Whilst we are proud of our commitment to sustainability, we’re remain forever vigilant to keep abreast of any new innovations that may even further reduce our carbon footprint or improve our sustainability practices in any way. We are working hard to continually spread the word within our customer community about the protection of the environment. We would love to hear from you if you have any suggestions on new products, questions about our products (either their use or ingredients) or any feedback at all.  Community is key.

Some of the most luxurious things you can buy for yourself are made from natural fibre fabrics, not only because of the way the fabric looks but for the way it makes you feel. Take Silk Pillowcases for example, they’re so visually stunning however their true value lies with the attributes of the natural fibres and their benefits to your skin, hair, and general well-being.  To care properly for natural fabrics and fine fibres it’s important to understand what will easily damage your clothes, bedding or delicates when washed with the harsh chemicals found in average laundry detergents. Using the wrong laundry liquid can mean you cause irreversible damage to the fibres and even after one wash you can feel the difference.

To buy a suitable detergent for specific natural fabrics and delicate materials, it’s good to know what a natural detergent is and what goes into the run of the mill laundry products you find at the supermarket - The key the ingredients used and what you need to avoid so you don’t destroy the fabric of your clothes or linen.

Natural Liquid Laundry Detergent vs Commercial Detergent

 Before we discuss what is in our laundry liquid wash that’s been created with curated and ethically sourced plant-based ingredients that nurture the unique protein fibres found in silk, let’s first look at the average supermarket detergent and what can lurk inside.

This is particularly relevant to those who suffer from skin irritations because it’s often these same ingredients which adversely affect natural fibres that can also trigger skin reactions or eczema in those that are prone to these sensitivities. People often don’t realise that many standard laundry detergents can leave a chemical residue on your clothes or bed linens, which means being exposed for prolonged periods to chemicals and toxins which can irritate the skin and be inhaled.

Standard commercial laundry liquids (that are not natural) have been known to contain a long list of chemicals including Dioxane, EDTA, surfactants, Diethanolamine and Polyalkylene Glycol. These chemicals have been shown to be contributing factors to skin irritations, heighten hormone disruptions and are also harmful to the environment and animal life.  

Natural Laundry Liquids, like those created by Bon Savvy provide a better, healthier alternative and are a quality Australian-made laundry detergent free of toxins and chemicals. The expertly curated plant-derived ingredients not only support your well-being and are gentle on your skin they are often more effective than the commercial laundry detergents filled with harmful chemicals as they have been created to focus on the needs of natural fibres and to clean stains, destroy bacteria and odours, and preserve your delicate clothes and the planet at the same time.

Many people in Australia grew up using powder detergents in the home and are familiar with a top or front loader washing machine loaded with a scoop of detergent and maybe even a laundry softener. However, the choice between whether you use laundry liquid or laundry powder is ultimately determined by what fabric you are washing and what has synergy with your values around health and the environment. Important considerations: Let’s have a look at the differences:

CHEMICALS - Laundry liquid detergent has fewer chemicals than powder detergent and all its effective ingredients are pre-dissolved. Powder detergents are known to contain bleaching agents and optical brighteners which are not only harmful to the environment they may also damage the fibres of delicate fabrics and are not grey water safeRESIDUE - Powder detergents are known to often leave white stains on clothes when the product is not correctly dissolved in the machine, which can often happen when the machine is overloaded. Liquid detergents have their active ingredients pre-dissolved and therefore this isn’t an issue.TEMPERATURE - If you use cold or lukewarm water in your machine, the liquid is a much better option as the powder doesn’t always dissolve in cold water. Using cold or warm water saves on your energy bill too.STAIN PRETREATMENT – Laundry liquids are far easier to use when pre-treating stains as they can quickly be worked into the stained area.  With powder detergents you need to make a paste out of the powder before applying to the stained area.COST - Although powder detergents may appear cheaper on the supermarket shelf, their adverse impact on the environment, our waterways and your sensitive skin far outweigh any perceived savings.  

Our Australian laundry detergent is 3 x concentrated and will last over 34 washes. Being highly concentrated you only need a little amount per wash – our handy lid can be used to measure exactly how much you need per wash.  Our range of laundry liquids are all natural and organic with plant-based power to effectively clean your silk and delicate items.  They contain no harmful chemicals and are toxin free with no optical brighteners, phthalates or petroleum.  They are vegan, biodegradable, and grey water safe. Our natural laundry detergent is infused with our unique plant-based fragrances creating a beautiful, fresh ‘just washed’ scent. We even sell the fragrance separately as linen and room mists to prolong that always fresh smell. Be sure to use our linen liquid on your bamboo sheets or organic cotton, while we have special silk and delicate liquid for those materials that need a gentle wash.

Compared to regular detergent, which uses all kinds of harmful chemicals that may be harsh on your skin and your clothes, organic laundry detergent is gentler on your clothes while cleaning just as effectively as regular detergent. In addition, eco-friendly detergents can keep your linen and fabrics looking fresher for longer, preserving their sought-after fabric properties, because they don't contain any harmful chemicals or brighteners and use green, plant-based cleaning agents to remove dirt and odours from materials instead of toxic chemicals. 

Benefits Of Organic Washing Liquid

We should regard washing liquid the same as we do our food choices. What you put on or close to your skin affects you as much as what you put in your body. We try to be environmentally friendly and reduce our carbon footprint with all our purchases and natural washing liquid is another way to achieve this. Organic washing liquid is:

-Eco-friendly, meaning it does not impact the planet adversely. For example, some standard supermarket detergents, both powder and liquid, contain phosphates, phthalates and optical brighteners that cause damage to our environment, contaminating our waterways and can harm fish and other animals By using organic washing liquids, you will be reducing the chemicals you release into the environment both through the grey water of your washing cycle and the airborne particles when the garments are put in the dryer.

-Organic detergent can be better for your health in the long run. Some chemicals such as chlorine bleach and other brightening chemicals found in commercial washing detergents can cause skin irritations and allergic reactions. Reactions can range from mild rashes to eczema to breathing problems and irritations in the lungs. With organic detergents using plant-based cleaning power, you can avoid this altogether and minimise irritations in you and your family.

-Organic detergents can help keep your clothing in the best condition possible. Since chemicals can harm the environment, we forget how bad they can be for the fibres of our clothing and linens. The protein fibres found in your special silk, linen and natural fibre fabrics are destroyed by these chemicals and your items will become ‘crisp’ to the touch and dull. These chemicals are so harsh they break down the fibre properties and speed up wear and tear. 

Along with all the benefits to our environment and our health, natural cleaning agents are advantageous when cleaning up our lives in general. So if you're aiming to rid your environment of chemicals first before you tackle saving the world, you will make a good start with natural washing liquid.

Swapping your washing liquid with a natural option will improve the air quality in your home for your family. The remnants of the products that are released into the air when you use them will be natural and chemical-free, making them safe for you and your children.Natural detergents can last a lot longer than regular detergents. Traditional detergents have an expiry date and become less effective the longer the packages are open. Although organic washing liquid may also expire, their shelf life is much longer than regular detergents, which means you won't have to buy detergent as often. In addition, you won't have to worry about the detergent losing its effectiveness.Your washing machine would probably thank you for it. Cleaning your washing machine could be a tedious task, especially if you have slimy and sticky residue coating the inside of the device. Organic washing liquid tends to help clean the washing machine and prevent grime from forming.

What You Stand to Gain When You Use Bon Savvy

 At Bon Savvy, we only choose natural, plant-based ingredients suitable to enhance our product’s effectiveness. Our products don’t contain any harmful chemicals, phthalates, petroleum by-products, optical brighteners or synthetic softeners. We ensure our products remain vegan and cruelty-free, are grey water safe and biodegradable. Bon Savvy laundry products are perfect for linen, silk, organic cotton, bamboo, hemp, and many more natural fibres. We aim for laundry day to be pleasant for you and to ensure you avoid irritations to skins and sensitive noses. Order your favourite products online or contact us for any further queries.

How to wash your wool and cashmere items is an often asked question. With our wool wash, you can gently and effectively remove odours and stains (including body oils and sweat) whilst deodorising and protecting natural fibres. Your woollen jumpers will thank you for the care you have taken. They will stay soft and fluffy and our specially created fragrance ‘Soie’ will linger, helping to repel bugs and moths in your wardrobe. Throw in those items that say, "dry clean only", and you might as well wash your entire closet! This wash is gentle enough to use on all natural materials and is especially great for washing any items that sit close to your skin.  We even recommend washing your make-up brushes with our Delicate wash. Our unique formula is tough on bacteria and will help to minimise skin breakouts.

Benefits Of Our Wool & Cashmere Wash

When you invest in special pieces for your wardrobe, be it a woollen jumper, beautiful lace intimates or silk pyjamas, you need to make sure you invest in the right products to care for it. This will ensure you can love the item for longer. Our natural and organic Delicate Wash is just that – no harsh chemicals or toxins to harm the fabric or your skin. No optical brighteners, phthalates or petroleum to cause irritation or flare-ups. Just natural plant based cleaning power.

We suggest you wash your woollens by hand in cold or warm water with a small amount of Delicates Wool Wash liquid detergent specifically for wools and delicates. Rinse thoroughly and wrap in a towel to remove as much moisture as possible.  Dry flat, out of direct sunlight.  Please ensure your woollens are completely dry before storing.

You can even wash your intimates and embellished items in the washing machine if you place them in a wash bag first. This stops any snags or catches happening and minimises the abrasive action of the machine agitator on the delicate fibres.  Don’t over-crowd the bag: this will make it difficult to effectively rinse the items. Suds build up can cause even the finest materials to lose their lustre and softness.

Gently immerse your make-up brushes into a small container with warm water that has been infused with Delicate Wash. Gently agitate and spin the brushes to work the make-up out of the strands.  Rinse and leave to dry.  With no chemicals or toxins in our Delicate Wash will help minimise breakouts and irritations. 

Our Delicate Wash is infused with our unique fragrance ‘Soie’ –a compelling combination of vivid, fresh high notes of citrus, ginger and roses alternating with earthy tones of amber, vanilla and cedarwood.  Our washing liquid is cruelty-free, vegan and biodegradable and the absence of toxins and chemicals make our liquid blend ideal for sensitive skin and those prone to itch or rash.

Let’s face it. You have just invested a lot in your silk pillowcase or your new linen bedding.  It not only feels good on your skin, is great at maintaining constant body temperature while you sleep, but these fibres are luxurious and highly tactile. Don’t ruin it in one quick motion by washing it with regular supermarket laundry powder.  Those products can destroy the protein fibres of your silk and linen – these are what gives the material the wonderful feel and look that you love and have invested in. A laundry detergent for silk and natural fabrics is what you need.

Before we go into detail about silk-specific products, let’s start with the basics. Our liquid detergents are made from natural plant products and fragrances and contain no toxins or chemicals that can stick to your clothes and cause skin irritation or rashes. Our highly concentrated Silk Savvy not only does the job of your supermarket detergent getting rid of stains and bacteria; it does so while protecting and caring for your silk and linen. Being all natural, biodegradable, and grey water safe it also takes care of your family and the environment. 

Silk Washing Detergent Characteristics

 Our detergents are natural, hypo-allergenic, and great for sensitive skin.

There is nothing like the fresh smell of freshly laundered bedding. Our products have a natural fragrance and added softener in the detergent., so you still get the same smell and feel.Our silk laundry detergent is biodegradable and grey water safe.As vegan- and cruelty-free products, you can feel good about your purchase as it won't negatively affect your health or that of the planet and its animals.Made in Australia from specifically curated plant-based ingredients supporting our local community. Highly concentrated - You can get over 34 washes from one bottle.

Our silk washing liquid will not leave residue stains on the delicate silk material but instead feed and enhance its fibre structure keeping it smooth and soft. You will also smell the delicate scent of ‘Soie’. We only use naturally derived fragrances and no synthetic toxins as with conventional laundry detergents.

Because we all love that fresh, ‘just washed’ smell, we have bottled the scent for you. Le Savvy Mist ‘Soie’ is great to layer the scent – spray it in your wardrobe to keep all your clothes smelling fresh. Mist it over your bed before you hop in to help create a calm environment for your sweet dreams

Other Products We Have For You

Our Delicate Wash is perfect for all your delicate items – woollen jumpers, intimates and embellished pieces  that need that added touch of care.

Linen Savvy is perfect for all your linen, cotton, bamboo and hemp fabrics. Gentle yet effective clean with our enchanting scent ‘Charmant’.  Pair this with our Le Savvy Mist ‘Charmant’ for an indulgent, fresh clean.

For that extra help removing stains, use our Stain Savvy Laundry Sticks. Powered by D-Limonene, these stain removal soap sticks are our multi-talented wing man in the laundry.  Still all natural plant based, these gems won’t damage even the finest most delicate fabrics.  Elevate your everyday by using our all-natural plant based laundry and home range.

Living with sensitive skin can be challenging as you might wake up with a new breakout or burning skin, and you need to figure out what caused it. Switching over to sensitive laundry liquid can help minimise these flare-ups and save you many headaches searching for answers.  Supermarket detergents may leave chemicals in your fabrics, and anything worn close to the skin can cause irritations. 

Why is our liquid detergent suitable for sensitive skin, though? Made from natural plant-derived ingredients, our sensitive skin laundry detergents contain no harmful chemicals or toxins, parabens, or phthalates to harm sensitive skins. All our products are hypo-allergenic, vegan and cruelty free, are biodegradable and grey water safe.  Not only good for sensitive skin and noses but also great for the environment and the planet. Just because it doesn’t contain harsh chemicals, doesn’t mean it can’t effectively remove stains, bacteria, and odours. Now you can do so without causing harm to the environment or yourself in the process.

How To Spot a Skin Irritation from Your Current Washing Detergent

If you often experience itchiness, redness, and rashes, you start by analysing your diet and supplements for allergies. Still, it might be worth first looking at your environmental factors and changing your detergent to a sensitive washing liquid could be a great start. Here are some of the signs that might indicate chemical or toxin irritation: 

Do you soak your clothes or linen for a long time in the detergent? If you use too much powder detergent, you can expose your skink to the residual powder causing irritation.  These chemicals may also damage the fibres of your clothes if not rinsed effectively - do you have white spots appearing on your freshly cleaned garments?It can be challenging to determine what's causing a rash, as you can develop an allergy to something you have been eating or using your whole life. However, it's best to start looking at external factors such as your detergent or cleaning products first.Consider the location of your rash or irritation. If you are sleeping on silk pillowcases and you mostly lie on your one side, and that's where the flare-up appears, it might very well be that your detergent is harsh on your silk and therefore your skin.Is it just you that is having this reaction after washing your bedding? If everyone in the household has symptoms, it might be time to re-evaluate the products you use.Once you have a breakout because of a detergent, you are more than likely to have the same reaction to any other brand. Best to switch to a sensitive laundry detergent that does not contain ammonia, phosphates, parabens or artificial brighteners or dyes.If you already have eczema or very sensitive skin, it might be even more challenging to spot a detergent reaction making it worse; you can’t go wrong by switching to natural products with plant-based ingredients.

Take care of your skin and your family's skin by giving them the best natural environment and cleaning products that won’t cause them harm or irritation. Experience the power of laundry detergent for sensitive skin and see how it can benefit your skin and general health.

Other Products We Have for You

Our Delicate Wash is perfect for all your delicate items – woollen jumpers, intimates and embellished pieces that need that added touch of care.

Linen Savvy is perfect for all your linen, cotton, bamboo and hemp fabrics. Gentle yet effective clean with our enchanting scent ‘Charmant’.  Pair this with our Le Savvy Mist ‘Charmant’ for an indulgent, fresh clean.

For that extra help removing stains, use our Stain Savvy Laundry Sticks. Powered by D-Limonene, these stain removal soap sticks are our multi-talented wing man in the laundry.  Still all natural plant based, these gems won’t damage even the finest most delicate fabrics.  Elevate your everyday by using our all-natural plant based laundry and home range.

Unfortunately, laundry stains are a daily thing that happens to everybody, but ou probably wouldn't find laundry day as tiresome with the proper fabric stain remover or laundry liquids. Some of the traditional stain treatments contain harsh chemicals such as sulphates and parabens and bleaches. Our natural stain remover works just as effectively, if not more so, with fewer chemicals and is more environmentally friendly.

What To Consider When It Comes to Stain Removers

When looking for a pre-wash stain remover, you have to consider how you can use it, for example, what types of stain it would work on? A fresh stain, or an old set-in stain. And who wants to spend their day scrubbing and rubbing for hours to try and rid their laundry of unsightly stains. We are bombarded with a number of different products for different stains, all with differing results. Fortunately, we have a solution: Stain Savvy Stain Removing Laundry Sticks! 

Ink and paint stains sink into the fabric fibres and are often thought of as permanent. You can remove a small ink stain from your clothing by blotting the mark with a microfibre cloth while the spill is fresh and then using a stain removal stick as a pre-wash. Work the soap stick over the affected area and you will see the stain lifting.  Leave the soap on the stain and put the item into the wash.Many people believe the only way of removing red wine stains is sprinkling salt over the stain while wet, pre-soaking, and washing gently by hand after treatment with stain remover. You can skip the salt and rub the stain with a laundry stick before washing.When it comes to kids and mud, there's no separating the two, but you can't throw the muddy clothes in the washer and hope for the best. Instead, remove the dirt once it's dry, then treat the stain with stain remover and our Signature laundry liquid.Remove built in sweat stains from collars and pits by wetting the stained area and rubbing with the dampened stain stick.  Ensure the whole stain is covered.  Work the soap into a lather to break down the stain.  Wash the item as per normal.

How To Get the Most Out of Our Stain Remover Sticks

As you can see from the above, it would help if you had a product in your life that works on all stains and having a range of different chemical products for each other mark is not necessarily the best course of action – for you or our environment. We know you will save yourself a lot of trouble with our stain remover sticks.

Whether you're out with the girls or having dinner with your partner, and you accidentally spill something on your new dress. Don’t panic, just use your stain remover stick. Pull the fabric tight and rub the stick over the stain. Applying it as soon as possible will save you a lot of effort later when you need to wash your dress.

Red wine stains happen, especially when you’re relaxing on the couch after a long day, if an accident occurs, simply grab your stain remover stick, rub it over the mark, use a damp cloth with water, lather and repeat with stick and wet cloth until you see the stain lift and disappear.Babies are beautiful l, but they can also be messy. They often create stains on their clothing and yours, However, we recommend you pre-treat the stain with our stain removal stick to ensure it doesn’t set and worry about a complete clean on laundry day.Stain Savvy Stain Sticks are also great for bringing your white sneakers back to life. Rub over the dampened shoes and watch the grime disappear. Don’t forget to wash the laces too !!

What You Stand to Gain When You Use Bon Savvy

At Bon Savvy, we take pride in supplying all our customers with high-quality, natural and organic laundry detergents, fragrances, and stain removers. We use 100% natural ingredients in all our products to ensure we reduce our carbon footprint. In addition, we promote self-care and aim to assist you with getting the most from your laundry day. 

When you want to enjoy a room spray in a natural way into your home that doesn’t compromise on health or effectiveness it’s a matter of first considering the pros and cons. We have a pros list ready for you since we couldn't come up with any cons.

Natural room sprays make your home smell unique. One gentle spray of Le’ Savvy Mist  will be an effective  room deodoriser  eliminating strong cooking odours, stale, musty smells and freshens in with a sophisticated unisex fragrance. The long-lasting scent is both subtle and mood lifting.  

The Le’ Savvy Mists are an effortless way to enliven & freshen up any home. A natural room spray that doubles as a room deodoriser, linen spray & personal perfume too! A quick mist over your dog bed or lounge where your teenager sits will remove these stale odours and create a calm, relaxed environment ready for your guests.

A fantastic way to create a sanctuary anywhere. Take it with you on holidays so you can remind yourself of beautiful memories every time you spray it when you come home. Use in the workplace or hotels – remember some workplaces and hotels don't allow candles, so how better to lift your senses than to spray your favourite natural room spray wherever you are.  Uniquely scented with natural, plant derived ingredients Le’ Savvy Mist is kind to even the most sensitive noses

Ways To Use Your Room Deodoriser

Room sprays have a natural way of creating a more neutral environment for your senses, especially if you're in an area with a combination of smells.

You can spray on soft furniture such as linen, curtains and cushions, which will help the spray stay in the room for a more extended period. For example, if you spray the curtains, the scent will travel through your home with the breeze, creating a lingering effect.

The room spray is lovely in cupboards to refresh any musty scents that might linger in your cabinets. Also, you can spray your shoes or clothing to create a fresher feel on your garments and inside your closet.One of the best places to use a room spray is in your car because we spend so much time driving around. It’s such a lovely and easy self-care idea to have a clean and fresh smelling vehicle, so keeping a bottle of room deodoriser in your car and freshening up now and then will allow you to drive around and feel good.Spray over your bed before retiring at night to ensure a calm, restful night’s sleep. Makes you feel like you’re staying in a 5 star hotel but at home!

We designed our room spray with natural ingredients to enhance your surroundings with lovely plant derived fragrances. We exclude all chemicals and remain cruelty-free and hypoallergenic because we understand that you or somebody in your family (including your fur babies) may be sensitive to synthetic scents and fragrances. In addition, we ensure our sprays are gentle on all fabrics, including linen and upholstery

Why Trust Bon Savvy

 We offer a wide variety of natural products ideal for your home and laundry room. We understand the importance of having environmentally friendly products and ensuring our family remains safe from harsh chemicals. We only use natural and organic ingredients in all our products which are vegan and cruelty free.  Our laundry products and mists are free from harmful chemicals and toxins and are hypoallergenic, biodegradable and grey water safe. All our laundry products are safe to use  on silk, linen, wool, organic cotton, Tencel, bamboo and many more fabrics.

If you’re looking for a beautiful delicate wash bag that helps preserve the life of your delicates we have the ideal item. Our bags look fantastic in any home and protect your clothes in the washing machine from snags and vigorous agitation. Choose Bon Savvy and experience the confidence of delicate washing that works for you.

 Here’s why a Bon Savvy Delicates Wash Bag is different to others on the market:

Our bags are 100% Australian-made, so you’re supporting the local economy. We manufacture all our products right here to support our workforce and give back where possible. We proudly support Australian made manufacturing and economic prosperity.

Our bags include microfibre pollution prevention. Every time you wash an item in the machine, agitation will pull microfibers from the material, and these will be washed into our waterways when the machine empties. By placing items in our wash bags, you are trapping the fibres in the bag preventing them from polluting our waterways and adversely affecting our marine life. Once the cycle is finished, remove the lint and place in the bin. Prolong the life of your garments. By placing delicate items (such as underwire bras or sheer items) in the wash bag it prevents them from being snagged or caught and will prevent them from being tangled with other washing.  If you place small items (such as socks) into the bag they won’t get lost in the wash and caught up in other, larger items.Our bags are the ideal size for anyone. We made sure that our bags meet the requirements of the most common sizes of washing loads. These bags have a practical size, measuring in at 39.5cm x 50.5cm. You don’t have to worry about space for your delicate laundry. You will be able to fit a jumper in the bag if you wanted to wash your woollens or a week’s worth of intimates to save on hand washing.

 How to Get More Value When You Buy a Wash Bag from Us

We want to assist all our clients in getting the most value from our bags. To help you achieve maximum value for money, consider the following tips when using a delicate laundry bag from our store:

Don’t overfill the bag. The water and laundry liquid need to be able to travel through and around all items in the bag, if it is overfilled your garments won’t be cleaned or rinsed effectively.To save your bras. We recommend you do up the hook and eye before placing in the bag. Even though these items may be in the delicates Bag, the hook could still snag other items either in the bag or in the load and cause a run or tear.Speak to us about additional items that will work best in our wash bag to protect your delicates. We have a range of liquid laundry detergents made for your delicate laundry, so we can quickly advise you on your requirements.Your Delicates Bag is also a great travel companion.  Use it to separate your clean and dirty laundry in your suitcase or use it to protect your delicates from other items in your bag.

Our Linen Spray contains no synthetic fragrances that can irritate Your Sensitive Skin. Many people with sensitive skin find regular fragrances and room sprays derived from synthetic scents will cause irritations and flare-ups to their skin.  That’s where Bon Savvy’s linen sprays and personal scents come in. Le’ Savvy Mists are plant based, natural fragrances that contain no harmful chemicals or toxins.  Our unique scents have been formulated to be kind to sensitive skin and noses (including your special fur babies) and create a wonderful haven in your home environment.

Choose Bon Savvy today and get laundry-related products that won’t irritate sensitive skin. Note: Bon Savvy’s range has been tried and tested by the Eczema Association of Australasia with successful results.

Our all natural, plant-based bed linen sprays offer several benefits that allow even those with the most sensitive skin to enjoy the scents of freshly washed laundry without worrying about irritation. Consider the following features of our spray that makes them the ideal product for anyone with sensitive skin:

We derive our products from nature to bring you greener results. Our entire range is plant derived, cruelty-free and biodegradable so you know you’re getting greener, more eco-friendly products.

Our spray is hypoallergenic. Many sprays don’t cater to those with allergies as they are made with synthetic fragrances which can cause skin irritations, meaning those with sensitivities are limited for choice.  Our bed linen spray is a naturally derived fragrance curated from plant derived materials offering even those with super sensitive skin luxurious fragrance choices to spray on their bed linens and around their home.  Don’t forget your fur babies – our mists will work wonders on their bedding too and not irritate their super sensitive skin and noses. 

 Proudly Australian Made Everything we produce is manufactured right here in Australia. Local customer service, local shipping, supporting local community. Fast turn-around times and quality ingredients selected for their efficacy and benefits. 

How to Use Our Bed Linen Spray for the Best Results

 Our fabric spray will keep your linen smelling fantastic, infusing it with irritant-free, natural plant based scents. To help you use it correctly, consider the following quick tips:

Remember that it’s not just for bedding. You can use our sprays on your clothes or even in your room to infuse them with the scent you love.Spray your clothing between wears to prolong that ‘just washed’ freshness. Our mists are great to freshen up your clothes between wears. Our unique fabric spray are wonderful deodorisers which mean you don’t have to wash after each wear – saving on time and money. Try it in combination with our other products. Our fragrances have been designed to be matched with our laundry liquids providing a longer lasting fragrance layering opportunity.  Our laundry washes leave your clothing and bed linen smelling fresh and clean. By combining our products in your daily routine, you can enjoy our amazing fragrances for longer. We have a range of products for you to choose from, and what better way to get more value from it than to use them together. Whether you want to combo our sprays with delicate washing detergent or laundry bags, we have it all.

 Why stop there? Our bed linen spray has many applications. We take a holistic approach to fragrance so you can scent your world. Use Le' Savvy Mist as a refined unisex natural plant-based personal fragrance and enjoy its mood-boosting fresh & warming scent.

 All our products keep sensitive-skinned people in mind and allow them to enjoy luxury laundry detergents, scented sprays, and more without having to worry about irritation. If you have any questions, we can happily answer them to help you understand everything before making a purchase.


Our natural fragrance is the ideal option for anyone who wants their bedding, clothes, and room to smell fantastic while not worrying about skin irritation. We know that many people deal with sensitive skin, and we want them to enjoy natural scents in their homes. 

Our products have a range of benefits that we can summarise as follows:

 Design inspired, naturally derived.

Luxurious fine fragrance, natural personal perfume.100% Australian-made, cruelty-free, vegan, hypoallergenic.Elevate your décor by adding our vintage inspired long cord atomiser in either black or white. Makes you feel good, smell amazing and partners with you to easily scent your world through all the moments in your day.

 What You Should Know About Our Natural Fragrance

 Here are some quick notes you should keep in mind about our fragrance products: 

‘Charmant’ – which means ‘Charming’ in French, combines layers of soft accents with bold warming undertones of sandalwood, rose, and vanilla. These natural scents work within any home and is a popular fragrance that suits many tastes.‘Soie’ – French for Silk, is a compelling mix of vivid freshness and strength. Hints of citrus, ginger and rose smooth into deeper notes of amber, vanilla and cedarwood.You can enjoy these fragrances without compromising your health or ethics since they’re vegan, cruelty-free, hypoallergenic, and do not include any synthetic fragrances or toxins.We also have multitasking fragrances that you can use on your bedding, clothes, in your closet and throughout every room in your home and you can also use as a personal fragrance (as they are also cosmetic grade). These mists are ideal for anyone who wants one product that will enhance their world.

You can finally enjoy the natural scents you love around the house and throughout your day without having to deal with skin irritation or allergies. Remember that our team wants to assist as much as possible, so if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us and ask away. We would love to help assist our customers and enjoy a high rate of repeat customers due to the quality and service we consistently and proudly provide.