In everything we do, we do so with a mindful and holistic mindset to support the health & wellbeing of you and the planet. We believe it’s possible for premium functionality, designer aesthetics and healthy living to co-exist with a commitment to sustainability and environmental protection for a better future.


From our product packaging to how we pack our customer orders, through to the shipping services we use, we’re committed to sustainable practices and minimising our carbon foot print. All our product packaging is made from recycled or recyclable material including either PCR (Post-Consumer Recycled plastic), glass, aluminium, recycled cardboard or recyclable PET.  Even our marketing material such as our ‘Thank You’ Cards and ‘Instruction Cards’ are made from recycled post-consumer waste paper and are printed by environmentally conscious printers. We always encourage you to recycle your packaging including the bottle’s, caps, shipping wrapping, sustainable cardboard boxes and wood wool shredding used in our shipping


We’re often asked whether we will consider moving towards using pouches as refills however our research suggests this option leads to an increased carbon footprint and as the pouches are not recyclable it directs more waste to landfill. We instead opt to work towards closing the loop and have chosen to use recycled or recyclable material that is suited to laundry spaces & surfaces combined with a strategic approach to creating highly concentrated formulas which are housed in smaller bottles. For example our 500 laundry liquid bottle is equivalent to 1.5 -2 litres of many standard laundry detergents. By making our laundry liquids concentrated it means you use significantly less and this in turn reduces the need for refills and surplus packaging which avoids further waste pollution.


We’ve specifically created laundry liquids to properly care for and extend the life of sustainable and natural fibre fabrics. Our especially curated plant-based, natural and organic ingredients are formulated to protect sustainable fabrics including Linen, Organic Cotton, Tencel, Bamboo, Silk, Wool and more. It’s our belief the more we raise awareness of the benefits to health, comfort, the environment and the economies of disadvantaged communities by choosing more sustainably and ethically produced fabrics/natural fabrics over synthetic fabrics, the better our future will be. We love playing a part in helping to encourage this shift to slow fashion & mindful purchasing (*) that focuses consumer buying behaviour toward quality over quantity and further reducing landfill waste.


Bon Savvy products are 100% Australian made using natural & organic plant-based, vegan, cruelty free, pH neutral and biodegradable ingredients are a better, safer option for your clothing, health and well-being and the best option for the planet. Our concentrated plant powered ingredients are devoid of nasty chemicals or toxins and their biodegradable nature reduces the impact to our waterways, oceans and marine life. 

We have partnered with one of Australia’s oldest family-owned manufacturers of natural plant-based products to mindfully create the best, most effective and beautiful premium quality natural products available. Wherever possible we also use Australian Native plants and plant derived ingredients to help support the Australian economy, local communities and businesses. 


Our laundry liquids and our Mists are beautifully infused with our original fragrance blends that use naturally derived plant based ingrediants.  They are derived from a number of organic processes and contain no synthetic amplifiers or chemical enhancers. We never use synthetic fragrance. The built-in softener in our laundry liquids are a result of ingeniously blended natural ingredients and are not the same as the chemical laden, environmentally damaging softeners found in standard laundry detergents. Please visit here for more.


We support and encourage cleaner more sustainable living practices in everyday living. For example our Laundry Liquids maybe suited to both hand washing and machine washing but we actively promote mindful practices such as choosing to hand wash over machine washing or line drying wherever possible over using a dryer. Not only do these methodologies extend the life of your clothing or household linens (and reduce waste) you don’t use as much water, reduce your carbon footprint and energy consumption. However if you do have to hand wash we encourage the use of a delicates wash bag to prevent fibre pollution and extend the life of your items.


If you do have to machine wash, especially more delicate items we encourage this to be done mindfully by placing items into our Bon Savvy specifically designed delicates bag so you protect your valuable pieces during the washing cycle as well as help to protect the environment. All fabrics release fibres into the washing water during machine washing which in turn ends up in our  waterways and ultimately polluting our oceans.  By using our delicates washing bag with its fine weave, we are able to trap these fibres before they wash into the water and capture them in the bag as well as extend the life of your items and reduce further landfill.


What is slow fashion? Slow fashion is the considered approach to purchasing clothing, taking into account the processes and resources required to make these items - buying better quality garments that last longer and have been produced in an ethical manner. It's our belief that by producing care products that support consciously created fashion, artisan makers and innovative sustainable fashion brands we’re not only playing our part in a move towards mindful consumer behaviour but we're supporting small businesses and farming communities around the world trying hard to extract themselves from the negative impacts fast fashion is largely responsible for. 


Whilst we are proud of our commitment to sustainability, we’re remain forever vigilant to keep abreast of any new innovations that may even further reduce our carbon footprint or improve our sustainability practices in any way. We are working hard to continually spread the word within our customer community about the protection of the environment. We would love to hear from you if you have any suggestions on new products, questions about our products (either their use or ingredients) or any feedback at all.  Community is key.