How To Wash Your Silk Pillowcase in 6 Easy Steps.

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So you’ve taken the plunge and invested in a silk pillowcase. Wise move! It’s a purchase you won’t regret. However, like all silk products, your silk pillowcase needs a little extra TLC when it comes to remaining at its luxurious best.

It’s important to know that most laundry products cannot handle the delicate clean that your silk pillowcase requires. Most are full of harsh chemicals which while they may appear to clean or treat stains, they will also irreversibly damage and strip the silk of its precious properties from the very first wash; rendering your silk pillowcase useless for those unique qualities you value.


Silk Savvy Specialist Silk, Satin and Delicates Wash

Bon Savvy’s, Silk Savvy silk detergent wash is created using expertly curated and ethically sourced plant-based ingredients; unparalleled for their ability to care, protect and nurture the unique protein fibres found in silk.

The wash also replenishes your silk pillowcase by rejuvenating its lustre and eliminates any annoying static; all while protecting its exceptional ability to deliver superior qualities such as anti-ageing benefits, temperature regulation and anti-dust mite protection.
As an added indulgence, the wash is delicately infused with a subtle yet exquisite signature scent Soie. The fragrance is naturally formulated without the use of synthetic toxins often found in regular laundry care products, so you can sleep soundly knowing there are no harmful chemicals to irritate the skin or upset sensitive noses.
Extend the luxury even further by using 'Soie' Delicates Spray  (meaning 'silk; in french) as a convenient fabric freshener. Purposefully created to be protective of your cherished silk and delicates; mist lightly over your silk pillowcase to keep it smelling blissfully divine in between washes.

How To Clean Your Silk Pillowcase In 6 Simple Steps:

  1. Always read your item’s care instructions first. Gently pre-treat any stains before washing, we recommend using our Stain Savvy Stain Removal Laundry Sticks (suitable for delicate natural fibres including silk). Remember not to soak silk for longer than 30 minutes (if at all).
  2. Hand washing: we suggest hand washing in the first instance, using cold water. Add the instructed amount of Silk Savvy Laundry Liquid Wash. There is no need for any additional softeners or additives.
  3. Machine washing: If you do machine wash your silk pillowcase, turn your pillowcase inside out and pop it into a Delicates Wash Bag . This helps protect the silk from damage throughout the wash cycle.
  4. Pop the wash bag into your washing machine and set to a delicate cold water cycle. Add the instructed amount of  Silk Savvy Wash to your washing machine (no additional softeners or additives required).
  5. Once cycle is complete, air dry the pillowcase naturally (not in the dryer), being sure to keep the pillowcase out of direct sunlight. Alternatively, lie your pillowcase flat on a towel and from one end, use the towel to gently roll the pillowcase up in the towel (no need to squeeze or rub), then unroll it again. This will assist in reducing any excess water from your pillowcase, speeding up drying time. Leave flat to dry.
  6. Once completely dry, pop your pillowcase back on to your pillow and settle in for another indulgent night’s sleep.

Protect and enhance the quality of your silk pillowcase by following these simple steps and you and your loved ones will reap the amazing benefits for years to come.



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