Effortlessly Revel in All-Day Fresh Linen Scent: Discover How!

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There’s nothing better than a bundle of freshly laundered linen; the satisfaction of burying your face in a pile of clean washing radiating an exquisite fresh scent is something everyone naturally takes pleasure in.
But what if there was a way to prolong that comforting fresh clean feeling so that it lasts right through to the next wash with something that smells truly special? A way that will maintain the indulgence and keep that blissful scent lingering for you to revel in and for others to admire.
Our Le Savvy Mists are formulated to do just that; all while protecting and maintaining the quality of your precious fabrics, for years to come.

Le Savvy Mists

Our uniquely crafted collection of natural fragrance mists is created to preserve the clean of your garments after every wash. Featuring sublime scents reminiscent of yesteryear’s vintage glamour; our fine fragrances are the simplest way to imbue a sense of sophisticated elegance into your everyday routine.

Ideal to refresh your garments or bedding between laundering, our innovative mists can also be used as a pillow mist (even on your most delicate fabrics), a room spray or even as a natural perfume.
Proudly Australian made and naturally derived using the highest level of ethically sourced ingredients, our mists are made without the use of synthetic nasties and allergens, so they’re not only gentle on precious fabrics but are kind to sensitive skin and noses.

Le Savvy Mists are the first of their kind with our signature range including:

  • Soire and Charmant – an extension of Le Savvy Silk and Le Savvy Linen; these beautiful mists are artfully created with the same gorgeous scents and are ideal for maintaining freshness as well as naturally deodorising garments and linens between each launder.
  • Number 4 – the premier scent is coming soon. Powerfully sophisticated and naturally indulgent fine fragrance. In a tribute to Hollywood vintage glamour, the perfume is beautifully housed in a 1920’s bottle and evocative of a time when getting ready for a night out was an event in itself.
Le Savvy Mists are the perfect extension to your selfcare routine. A quick daily spritz as a personal spray, on your pillows, sheets, clothing and even around the home will add that touch of scintillating mystique to your everyday so you can effortlessly indulge and linger a little longer in luxury and comfort.

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