Our Story

Challenging the status quo

When Sydney Mum, Michelle Gray, was searching for a laundry solution to wash her Linen Sheets and Silk Pillowcase for her daughter who suffered with sensitive skin issues, allergies and asthma, she never expected that it would lead her to the creation of the luxurious Bon Savvy range of laundry products.

Unable to find a laundry solution that was suitable, Michelle turned that frustration into something positive, something that prioritises effective fabric care as much as selfcare in a way that now challenges how we think about the laundry products that we use.

 “The ingredients for our products are selected not only for their effectiveness but for how they nurture you. They do not contain any of the harsh chemicals found in most household laundry liquids. There are no phthalates, animal by-products, petroleum, optical brighteners, synthetic softeners, bleach or synthetic fragrances,” says Bon Savvy founder Michelle Gray.

 Bon Savvy is not only plant derived, natural and organic, it's also Aussie made and the first laundry liquid made especially for natural fabrics such as Silk, Linen, Organic Cotton, Tencel, Bamboo, Hemp and more.  

 “Our Bon Savvy Laundry Liquids, Fragrance Mists and Stain Removers use only naturally derived fragrances, which was an important part of the business. The focus has always been to make this necessary task in everyday life more pleasurable and an extension of self care, so that you have complete confidence in getting the job done but it becomes something really enjoyable, something that you actually look forward to, without the worry of skin irritating synthetic fragrances or health harming chemicals. It's especially rewarding to hear how we are benefiting the lives of people with acne issues and sensitive skin such as eczema that struggle to find products that provide truly effective care, whilst still smelling fabulous without the chemicals and toxins,” Michelle said.

 The Bon Savvy range offers not only a natural focused solution for the home and in the laundry, it also leaves a luxurious feel on all fabrics and elevates the way you live each day.