Long Weekend Prep To Make It More Special

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What are your plans this long weekend? It’s such a luxury to have some extra time and a little prep can help make the most of those delicious extra days afforded to us. So whether you’re considering indulging in some much needed ‘me’ time, hosting friends, off for a cheeky weekend vacay or simply enjoying some home leisure here’s some quick tips to help make it all the more special.

Enjoy some 'Me-time'

Set aside some time where you can replenish and rejuvenate your mind & body. Pamper yourself with a long fragrant soak in a tub with a glass of bubbles, candles and a good book.  Make your experience even more extravagant by washing your bathrobe and towels in our beautiful, luxuriously scented Signature Laundry Liquid so they are soft and fluffy ready to wrap your skin in a gentle embrace. Layer the fragrance indulgence further using your matching Charmant Le’ Savvy Mist over your body and around your room to add that cocooning quality to your bathroom and bedroom.

Hostess with the mostess

People Coming To Stay?

Welcome your guests and make them feel special with uniquely fragrant and effortlessly soft bed sheets and towels that will comfort and care for them. Pre-plan for their arrival by washing their bedding and sheets ahead of time with Linen Savvy and dry them in the fresh air and sunshine so  their bed is incredibly soft, fresh scented and comforting - perfect for a good night's sleep. Spritz our linen and room spray, Le Savvy Mist Charmant, around the room just before they come, even over the curtains so that a fresh breeze will continue to carry the scent throughout the room.  Leave the Mist next to their bed for nourishing top ups at their leisure.  

Off On A Weekend Vacay?

Whether you’re chasing the sun or heading to colder climates a little pre-trip prep of your travel wardrobe will make your time away more enjoyable. Wash your favourite silk negligee and underwear in Silk Savvy - the gentle wash will not only clean your precious items ahead of your adventure but the beautiful fragrance will help you luxuriate even more on your time away.  Keep your swimsuit poolside perfect by packing our travel size Bikini Savvy. It will ensure they’re clean, prevent the nasty negative effects and odour of chlorine and will leave your swimmers smelling like a Malibu Cocktail! Refresh your woollens and make them super comfy by hand washing them with our Delicate Wash. The wool fibres will be replenished, soft and fresh scented ready to throw on as the day turns crisp.  Remember, the more fun the dirtier the clothes, so throw in your Stain Savvy for on-the-go stain removal and travel laundering. For a touch of home while you’re away, take your Le’ Savvy Mist with you to spray around the room and over your bedding at night for an added touch of luxury and comfort.

Autumn Wardrobe Cleanse

If you’re hanging out at home instead this long weekend, why not take the opportunity to do a little change of season wardrobe organising? It always makes you feel good when everything is tidy and clean plus it helps with any allergy issues and sets you up for that unexpected cold snap.  Pull out your woollens and jackets, giving them some time in the fresh air before arranging them into your wardrobe. Make sure to wash your summer gear before packing it away until your summer wardrobe change over. Airing and washing with the right fabric laundry liquid will restore, protect and preserve your favourite pieces ready to wear. Our Ultimate Care bundle conveniently has you covered with all your laundering needs. Make it easy and get the curated set.

What ever you do on your long weekend, or any weekend for that matter, enjoy!


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