How To Wash A Swimsuit Properly So It Won't Cost The Earth

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You've just got yourself a new swimsuit and you're already dreaming of all the places you're going to wear it. We get it! Whether you’re beach hopping, sipping cocktails by the pool or getting fit, your new swimwear surely spells a whole lot of fun and if you care for it properly, there's no reason it shouldn't last season after season.

And we need it to! With over 800,000 tonnes of textile related landfill in Australia alone each year, it’s now more important than ever to know some simple extra steps you can do to extend the life of your swimwear and not just for you and your back pocket but for the planet!


 1/ Rinse it. Always.

Every time you wear your swimsuit, regardless if you took a dip or not, you should rinse your swimwear in cold water. Things like sweat and body oils (even without sunscreen) can break down the stretch of fibers over time. So quick rinse post wear, or even jump in the shower with your swimsuit on when you get home. Every little step counts in prolonging your swimwear life.

 2/ Hand wash is your 'go-to'

Your swimsuit and the planet will honestly thank you if it never sees the inside of a washing machine! Hand washing in cold water is your go-to when washing & caring for your swimwear. It’s not only better for the environment, it’s the gentlest way to guarantee your swimsuit will retain its colour, brightness, shape and longevity. 

 3/ Use a biodegradable natural & gentle soap especially one that also has anti-bacterial properties!

After first rinsing your swimwear in cold water,  use a small amount of pure, natural soap. Preferably  one designed specially for swimwear or active wear like Swim Savvy. This will properly clean and refresh your swimwear, remove sunscreen, sweat, body oils, fake tans, rid it of chlorine and fight odours in a way that water alone can’t. Avoid regular laundry detergents, they are far too harsh on swimwear/spandex fabric (and the environment) as they often contain bleach, synthetic fragrance & other harsh chemicals which will cause your swimwear to fade and weaken the fibres. They will also do nothing to help combat that bacteria that often manifests in moist fabrics.

4/ Swimwear hygiene is important

Water alone can’t fight bacteria and mould or effectively support swimwear hygiene. Much like your ‘undies’, you wouldn’t just wash them in water and consider them properly clean. Swimwear, especially any swimwear 'bottoms', need to be properly washed to combat bacteria and ensure comfort. Swim Savvy is not only a gentle pure soap it’s also antibacterial and infused with natural active antimicrobials for wellbeing.

 5/ Air dry

Avoid the dryer! It’s like death for swimwear! Air drying is the most environmentally friendly and best way to prolong your swimsuit. While hanging up a suit to air dry might seem like the obvious solution to speed up the process, laying your suit flat on a clean flat surface to avoid stretching, avoiding any rough surfaces (and snags) and keeping them away from direct sunlight is your best bet. Sunlight can cause your swimwear to fade.

 6/ If you must

Sometimes circumstances mean you have to use a washing machine to clean your swimwear. If you’re in this boat, then we recommend the following steps:

  1. Use a gentle liquid soap (e.g Swim Savvy)
  2. Set your washing machine onto the delicate setting
  3. Pop your swimwear into a delicates bag (to limit) wear and tear and capture any microfibres preventing more microfibre pollution that is harmful to our marine life and oceans. We suggest a long lasting bag with small holes such as Wash Savvy.
  4. Lay flat to dry (out of direct) sunlight as above. 

7/ Alternate

We all have our favourite swimsuits, but the key to making them last longer is to wait until they are completely dry to wear them again. If you’re planning on a big couple of days of swimsuit wearing (look at you go!) plan on bringing a couple of different suits to wear. 

Buying quality, sustainably made swimwear, caring for it and washing it properly doesn’t just make good financial sense, you’re looking after the planet and living healthy.

Now, get out there and have some fun!



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