Wash Savvy | Designer Laundry Wash Bag
Wash Savvy | Designer Laundry Wash Bag

Wash Savvy | Designer Laundry Wash Bag

    • Designer wash bags, only by Bon Savvy. Styled in original ‘white snow’.
    • Protect your delicate items and prolong their life
    • Innovative functionality, microfibre pollution prevention.
    • Built to last, 100 % Australian made
    • Doubles as stylish & handy storage bags while travelling

    Bon Savvy’s deluxe Wash Savvy laundry bags are unique. We understand premium design and stylish aesthetics matter and when machine washing delicate items you need a quality, long lasting and highly functional laundry wash bag. So we made our own! 100 % made in Australia and designed to last, our Wash Savvy designer laundry bags are created to prolong the life of your precious items by protecting them from snags, pulls, tangles and unnecessary wear and tear while helping to prevent microfibre pollution. Our highly efficient expertly developed bags have extra small holes to allow for just the right amount of laundry liquid and water to pass through so as to effectively cleanse and wash your cherished items, whilst trapping micro fibres within the bag so they are not released into the washing machine water and won’t contaminate our waterways. By placing your items in our protective bags, you will also minimise fibre breakages and garment embellishment loss as the items are less vigorously agitated during the cycle while in the bag. Not only incredibly practical, our original design Wash Savvy Laundry bags are a stylish accompaniment to your laundry room and can be used as handy travel storage bags for organising and separating dirty laundry while travelling.

    For use in the Washing Machine. Place delicate items in the bag and simply zip closed. Do not overfill the bag. If you overfill the bag it may inhibit optimal water flow through your enclosed items.

    Air dry bag before storing.

    Smaller bag – 30cm x 35 cm ; Perfect for your bras or lingerie sets and other smaller delicate items

    Large Bag - 40cm x 49.5 cm; Ideal for larger items like wool jumpers, silk pillowcases, dresses and other delicate items
    Bon Savvy ships from Sydney, Australia via Sendle and Australia Post. Wherever possible we utilise carbon neutral courier services and sustainable packaging for sending your items. View our full shipping policy here.
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    Australia Australia
    Win Win

    I have been using wash bags for my bras for ages so they don't get tangled and destroyed in the machine. I am now using wash bags for my woollen jumpers so they can go in the machine too (don't judge, hand washing everything is a chore) . These designer wash bags absolutely are the bomb! They are strong and large enough to take my jumpers and still ensure my jumper is cleaned effectively. By putting my jumpers in a bag it not only protects the jumper and stops snags but it keeps the loose fibres from being washed into the ocean from the rinse water. Win Win for me, my jumper and the earth. Cheers Bon Savvy

    Bon Savvy

    Thank you so much Fiona!! So kind of you to take the time to write such a positive and helpful review. We so appreciate it and we're so glad you are loving your Bon Savvy. Warmest xx

    Australia Australia
    So fancy and unique!

    I have a lot of expensive bras and underwear. It's my secret indulgence! I bought some Silk Savvy the other day to wash my beautiful sets (it's awesome for delicates) and I also got the Wash Savvy Laundry wash bag so I could put my lace bras etc into the washing machine without worrying about them getting damaged. The bags are so pretty and stylish! They also work really well. Love that they Australian made. I will be buying more of these for presents for my friends.

    Bon Savvy

    We have to agree!! Seriously, thank you for your review we really do appreciate you taking the time to share what you love about our products! Warmest, Team Bon Savvy xx